Bulk Terminal Zeeland

Bulk Terminal Zeeland offers reliable, cost-effective, customised solutions from a strategically located terminal in the port area of Vlissingen in the southwest of the Netherlands. We provide specialised distribution and cargo processing services, as well as several transshipment possibilities.

Through our dedicated terminal, extensive network, top-notch equipment, and proactive approach, we are able to successfully meet logistics demands. Upon request, our services can also be offered at third party locations.


Bulk terminal Zeeland

Business units

Bulk Terminal Zeeland consist of three business units, each responsible for a specific commodity. With BTZ Uni Shore we meet demand from the offshore industry. BTZ Agri offers handling and storage facilities for bio grains, and with BTZ Commodities, we aim at a broad range of goods such as scrap, pellets, and semi-manufactures.

Customised processing

We are experts not only in discharging and loading bulk cargo, but also in board-to-board handling. We ensure that each requirement is fulfilled using the correct equipment. Our terminal provides all the space needed for storage, handling, processing, and transshipment. In addition to bulk cargo, we also offer third-party storage for project cargo.

Short Shipping Times

Strategically located in North-western Europe with excellent hinterland links, Bulk Terminal Zeeland profits from a combination of unhindered seaport access and multimodal hinterland connections. With a current draft of 11.5m and a quay of 250m with full-length loading and unloading capacity, our terminal offers easy, lock-free access and is only one hour’s sailing time from the North Sea. The terminal is connected to the dense Dutch, Belgian, French, and German inland waterway network and the highway is accessible in less than ten minutes. Short shipping times are guaranteed.

Reliable Workforce

Our consistent hands-on workforce always impresses our customers. We have a competent, reliable labour force experienced in the swift, yet careful, handling of goods.

Plenty of space, fully equipped

At our dedicated terminal, we have 35,000m2 of warehouse storage and 75,000m2 of open space available. With our modern machinery that is especially designed for the storage and processing of bulk goods, no challenge is too great.

Multi-purpose terminal

All the activities and facilities at Bulk Terminal Zeeland are aimed at the correct way of handling and storing a broad range of cargo. From scrap to feed, from rock to wheat; everything is handled and stored in the most appropriate way. Nothing more, and nothing less.

Sennebogen 895 E

Bulk Terminal Zeeland is the proud owner of a Sennebogen 895 E hydraulic material handler. At an estimated own weight of more than 400t and with a reach of over 40m, the crane is the world’s largest of its kind. It is supplied with various tools, so it can be used for a broad range of cargo ranging from containers to bulk. The crane also comes with an innovative energy recovery system. Apart from the Sennebogen, Bulk Terminal Zeeland recently invested in a Volvo L350H, which is Volvo’s largest wheel loader.

Planned expansion

Since its establishment in 2015, Bulk Terminal Zeeland has witnessed a spectacular expansion. In order with growing market demand, we recently decided to expand terminal storage space by 9.3ha, resulting in a total of 21ha. Also, a brand-new 250m long quay will be constructed on our existing quay’s site, and we will be able to use an additional 450m of a new to build quay next to ours. To receive larger vessels, the draught alongside the new quay facilities will be extended from 11.5 to 12.5m. The new quay will have a capacity of 5t/m2.