Your partner for customised bio grains operations

Through our GMP+ and SKAL certified terminal and our extensive and proactive approach, we can successfully meet your logistic demands. We offers reliable, cost-effective, customised solutions for the storage and handling of bio grains. We have dedicated covered storage facilities of 3.5ha.

Quality guaranteed

We are proud to be one of the few terminals in the region that are GMP+ as well as SKAL-certified. A quality mark of GMP+ International guarantees the reliability, quality, sustainability, and safety of feed. It means that BTZ Agri meets all local and international statutory standards in the feed industry. Being SKAL-certified proves we are qualified to handle and store organic food according to European legislation. Although we have the facilities and capabilities to handle other types of grains as well, we made the decision to remain focussed on sensitive bio grains. This will avoid any risk of possible contamination with non-bio products, so that we can guarantee our customers safe handling and storage of their goods.

Customised processing

We are experts not only in the discharging and loading of bio grains, but also in board-to-board handling. Our terminal provides all the space needed for storage, handling, processing, and transhipment. Three of our warehouses are set up for in transit storage of bio grains and we offer complete customs clearance documentation services. BTZ Agro can also offer, through third parties, screening, and repacking of agri bulk cargo, in drums, big bags or containers, marking and weighing per unit or truck.

BTZ Agri

Why BTZ Agri?

  • Dedicated terminal for the handling and storage of agri bulk.
  • Bonded warehouse.
  • Complete customs clearance documentation service.
  • 24-7 service and ISPS security.
  • GMP+, SKAL and ISO9001 certified.