Bulk Terminal Zeeland B.V.
Bulk Terminal Zeeland provides reliable, cost-effective and customized solutions for bulk processing and storage from our terminal in Vlissingen. We deliver specialized distribution and bulk cargo processing services as well as several transshipment possibilities.

With our strategic location, extensive network and proactive approach, we ensure all requests are meet.

24-7 service and security, dependable employment, and short communication lines – Bulk Terminal Zeeland is the answer to any request within bulk, break-bulk, offshore, repairs and cleaning.

Strategically connected
We offer an unbeatable combination of unhindered seaport access, multimodal hinterland connections and cost efficient solutions. With easy access from the North Sea, the ports of Zeeland connect to Dutch, German, Belgian and French waterways. Numerous transshipment choices as well as shorter shipping times – highway access in less than 10 minutes and an 8-hour shorter sailing time than to neighboring ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Customized processing
We are experts in the discharging and loading of bulk cargo with a variety of cranes in addition to board-to-board cargo. We make sure your needs are fulfilled using the right equipment. Our terminal provides all the room needed for storage, handling, processing and transshipment. We can crush, screen and repack bulk cargo, in drums, big bags or containers, marking and weighing per unit or truck; whatever your needs – we can meet them.

Reliable Workforce
Our consistent hands-on workforce always impresses our customers. We have a competent, hard-working approach and a reliable labor force with no risk of strikes. We devise the most cost-effective and energy efficient solution for your cargo – there is no challenge too big for us.

6,000 square metre storage warehousing

Modern equipment

Specifically designed warehouse storage space for bulk products

35,000 square meters of open space available

Complete custom clearance documentation service

Ideally situated in the open port of Vlissingen, along the river to Antwerp, with a draft of 11.5 metres and a 225 metre quay

ISPS certified terminal